Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is come and christmas has gone

Christmas is come and gone-as days go by ,I remember the christmasses and the holidays spent at home .It all sounds so incredible........I remember chasing wild ponies in the always trailing behind...playing bang-bang....hide and seek.......hanging the socks on christmas trees....waiting for the dawn to come....snuggling inside the quilt in the december cold with warm milk and christmas cake...opening our gifts with eager anticipation and innocent has been five full years since I have been home for christmas.
It looks like Omar Abdullah is going to become the CM of Jammu and Kashmir!Looking back to his impassioned speech in the parliament sometime back when he was in the news which sounded altruistic enough,it sure makes me want to believe that winds of change are blowing all over India .
Just today one of my friends made a very strange observation.No offence intended to anyone, but she feels that tamilians sure like to be it their magazines,hoardings or just their engagement and wedding photographs they seem to have a knack of producing it anywhere and! I had never looked at it that way...come to think of it Shibu Soren is hardly seen anywhere..I even forget that he is actually the CM of JKD.

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