Sunday, March 29, 2009

Faltering prince of Egypt and the actual realisation of his prince-hood.

Moses was chosen of God for a very special task.Even as the spotlight falls on him in the word,one sees the hand of God in the troughs and crests of his life all the time .Each time ,rubbing into his character, traits which were of use to the lord for the task he had set before this man.His life although extraordinary goes through the rigours of changes that take place in most ordinary lives.The process through which it occurs although is extra-ordinary no doubt.
This Hebrew child has to be abandoned so his life can be saved.He grows up in the palace of the Pharoah with the best that the world can provide and yet he does not forget his roots .In the process he rejects the best the world has to provide to claim what the Jehovah had promised his ancesters.The promise was not tangible then.He is called by God,this faltering man and he obeys.His obedience takes it’s pound of flesh.
Every step of the way he has to depend on God and his providence.The people he is called to lead are ignorant,shallow,fickle,and rebellious.Forty years in the desert with such companions under normal circumstances would do havoc to the soul and yet the lord provides manna in the desert for his people.The physical manna satisfied the physical and the spiritual need of the people.For Moses and the few faithfuls with him, they saw the hand of God at work even as they walked with him in obedience,it must have lifted their spirit to no end to be so much in tune with the lord in such an unlikely place.’The desert’ to be exact.
To be ‘the chosen one’ was not an easy task-any leader of the world who has not compromised can tell you that .Yet in the strict sense of the word all of us are chosen and called apart by God for a purpose .This chosen man of God chose to claim his princehood by obeying God’s call ,he did it almost to perfection,at all times but once.A man who was hesistant to take the mantle of a leader ,get’s transformed to a man who pleads for these very people who do not think twice before rebelling against him.He was called to lead a nation of people who disobeyed God at most times but was reconciled and forgiven again and again and yet he, who leads God’s people through the desert, never made it to the promised land for just one act of omission.Strange justice, one would think.
Yet from the heart of this man whose life was sold out to God came a praise we often sing in our worship sessions ,-
‘Ascribe greatness to our lord the God ,
His work is perfect and all his ways are just.
A God of Faithfulness and without injustice
Good and Upright is He .
A God of faithfulness and without injustice,
Good and upright is He.
The man Moses knew what he was singing about.

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