Monday, February 8, 2010


The last week ,for the avid follower of the nonsense that makes up the news in the TV channels, were the war of words between politicians,filmstars for issues and non-issues.'My name is khan' releases this weekend.Since the onset of the hulla-bulla sorrounding the movie,controversies have dogged it -to it's opening on friday.
SRK who is the lead in the movie has gambled and gambled hard right from the out-set.While his contemporary Khan's have chosen more universal subjects(therefore safe) to make movies on ,SRK has brought to the forefront a theme that has dared to address the issues of his identity and has struck at the heart of the issue.You need guts to give a face to a voice-a voice that speaks the truth but has been more than often misunderstood in the recent past.
Kudos to KJo,SRK and whoever are responsible for movies like these.
Such efforts have to be lauded,especially in these times when the trend is to sweep uncomfortable truths under the carpet and act like it doesn't exist.
Tu kahan chupa hai hamein yeh bata
Yun na hamse nazarein phira'
Such a need!,such a cry!,such a voice!

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