Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carrier Choices!

Dr Nandu and his wife Dr Ango have joined back after their stint all over the EHA hospitals completing their post-graduate degree.Dr.Nandu did his rural surgery whereas Dr.Ango did her family medicine.
The DNB exams are said to be as un-predictable as the english weather -the results for rural surgery are out and guess what?Dr.Nandamani was the only candidate who passed in rural surgery theory all over India.This was not surprising because having worked as Nandu's boss for the better part of three years one cannot imagine him failing exams.He is extremely meticulous,academic,bright and good at whatever he puts his mind to.
Rural surgery degree is a relatively new concept in India.It is tough because it covers all the surgical subjects applicable in a rural setting and that is a lot!
When you have a rural surgeon in the hospital you have a surgeon who is deft at laproscopic surgeries,orthopaedics,obstetric ,gynaecology and whatever challenges the rural hospitals bring forth.Nandu is amongst the first line of doctors in India who opted to specialise in this field.It had it's risks but somehow made a lot of sense.
It is up-lifting to see the youngsters make a paradigm shift in their carrier choices and ofcourse come out with flying colours as well!

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