Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The Lord has been taking me through my life and the experiences that have shaped me by and by into what I am.I have vivid childhood memories that often come across my mind's eye.Most of them are affirmative memories that have carried me through different times in my life,but I have felt the need to shed the hurts.Hurts are what the Lord has been taking me through these last few months.
I have surprised myself by what I have been seeing in my past.
One memory that sticks out like a sore thumb and I did not even know it existed is the christmas time at home.I am the youngest of the five kids.My eldest sister was the person who never forgot our birthdays and always had a present for each one of us during christmas.I was the Miss perfect,atleast that is what my siblings called me then.I always wanted my clothes and shoes a perfect fit.
That christmas my sister forgot to buy a gift for me-there was a fortnight left and I could see her busy knitting a cap for me.
On the christmas day I got a gift from her which was a knitted woolen cap and an over-sized kurta,which was obviously not for me.I remember trying out the Kurta and the cap,plastering a huge smile on my face and going out to parade before my family even as they cheered me on,inside my heart was breaking into pieces....I must have been six then.It hurt,it hurt like crazy and it seems to be still burried deep into the recesses of my mind-It's strange what you find when you dig deep enough!

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