Saturday, December 31, 2011

That Old Mangan Song!

"Samay cha samay cha bhandai thiyye,
Thaha napayi tyo saal biti gayo,
abha tyo saal lai bida garao,
ani pasi jao naya saalai ma,
hidna lai ishwar ko agwai ma....."
Translated reads-
"We kept saying there is time.....
Unaware,the year has gone by,,
Let us bid farewell to the year gone by,
and enter the new year,
to walk according to the Lord's leading......"
Amazingly simple song ,i have heard it every year,sung sweetly by the faithful local church .........every year the people I associate with the song become fewer in number.Every year I listen to it with a totally different heart,it always touches me to see the eagerness of the old faithfuls who have lived the song faithfully all their lives.
May it be my prayer for the new year...and a resolution too.

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