Saturday, January 21, 2012

-Excerpts from the sharing in CMC Ludhiana’s EHA sponsorhip candidates’s meet in October 2011.-“A Called Person”

I am from Sikkim ,a place called Mangan which is in the news at the moment . I was born in a Christian family and have always aspired to be a missionary doctor since childhood having been fascinated by the biograpies of David Livingstone and Albert Sweitzer.Personally committed my life to Jesus when I was eighteen after my high school.Did my medical studies from Bengal,after my internship did not know how to be a missionary but had always aspired to become one. Was lead to join Christian Fellowship Hospital as a post-graduate in Internal medicine which was the beginning of the ground work for the years ahead. Joined EHA after my post-graduation in a unit in the Palamu district –Nav-Jivan Hospital where I worked for nine years is a hundred bedded hospital.Palamu is in the naxallite belt of Jharkhand . My time in Palamu were the intense years of my life.The hospital is a hundred bedded hospital,a tough place no doubt but the place has enough character to leave an indelible impression in your life,once you pass through it ,I left Palaumu when the danger of my vocation doing a paradigm shift started becoming a possibility.If I had stayed longer the chances were that I would have become a social activist and so I had to step back , reassess my life and take some deliberate steps to realign myself. Have been in Herbertpur Christian Hospital for the past one year in a capacity as a clinician and looking after the post-grad training programme. What according to me is a called person. The other day I was sitting down in my couch meditating in my morning quiet time.Something came forth afresh –a reality we often miss out on. It was the picture of the perfection of the fellowship of the trinity where we have God,the father-the son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit. The realisation as to how God loved you and me enough to tear apart that perfection so that you and I could be part of that fellowship came afresh. Firstly,he denied His son so that we might be restored,secondly the son sent the Comforter to be with us even as he resurrected.This spirit that Jesus sent forth is the spirit of the God,the father-and Lord Jesus ,the son.We are called to be part of the this divine fellowship,healed by the stripes of jesus,with indwelling of the Holy spirit to fellowship with the Father himself.We are called to be embraced into the intimacy of the trinity. This is what we are called to and for. To me a called person is someone who walks in this reality with his/her head towards Jerusalem. What I am as a called person does not go beyond this territory. Do I live in the reality of this Truth always -No,I forget time and again,often in my life I am way out but the Lord is good and He leads me ,he comes after me and restores me every time I lose my way. Only thing of value,things that really matter flow out from this reality… of it I guess will go down into the dust-bins of eternity. When I was in Palaumu I used to see the local tribals dance the tribal dance which was beautiful if not frightening.As soon as the drums started beating one would know immediately as to who was a local and who was not because all of them would start swaying to the beat of the drum.That is how we are called to be.We are called to sway to the rythmn of the Holy spirit who will take us into all truth. I have been through where you are now and am only too aware of the challenges and choices that lie before you.Everyday there are different voices that try to pull you towards different direction.Only the other day I was reading a book that was illustrating in so many words how much money goes into research for even a simple children’s programme that looks relatively harmless.How cleverly the producers work on it to catch the eye of the kids.That is how thought and value insertions take place and they do it strictly for profit and the TRPs.Someone else decides what is the ‘in thing’ and what is ‘cool ‘and the mass follows it blindly making everyone but the consumer rich.This is what the world is about, lies and more lies. One fine day you will wake up to see that you have been living a lie all this while. That is why it is mandatory that you to take time out to listen to the man who said ‘I am the way,the truth and life and no one will go to the Father but by me’.He has already spoken.(Bible) I would like to encourage you towards this end.

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