Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday message on-" I thirst !"(Pilgrim's progress)

John 19,vs 28.

Later knowing that everything had now been finished,and  so that Scripture would be fulfilled ,Jesus said, -‘Ithirst’.

  I was reading through the references and also meditating on my own, to look at the facets of thirst Christ could have gone through.I settled on three to share with you.

1)Physical thirstPRESENT THIRST

       Christs suffering had begun hours earlier before the crucifixion. In the Garden he was in such agony, the Bible records he sweated great drops of blood.

       'Later Jesus was “scourged” with a cat of nine tails.

a.    This beating would have caused Him to bleed profusely and would have built up fluid around the lungs.

b.    Such a loss of fluid would have caused Jesus to go into shock and have a great loss in blood pressure.

c.    The two most signs of loss of body fluids is weakness and intense thirst. The Lord’s lips would have protruded; His tongue would have swollen and would have dried to the roof of His mouth.

       Psychologists report that the pain from the thorns in the head would be so intense that it would cause many people to commit suicide.

       The pain from the nails would cause “casaligia,” resulting in lightening bolts shocks running up the arms and legs. Intensity would be so great that morphine would not relieve it.

       There would have been a symphony of pain – back & chest, face, head, hands & feet and an intense thirst……from carrying the cross all the way to calvary.'(Refe-bible study)

And I have not mentioned the mental pain  of mockery,betrayel,isolation……….!

Christ has been through it all.

 Even as he says-‘I thirst!’….He embraced it for you and me readily.

2)The spiritual thirst –PAST THIRST

The  pain of the sin of the world that he readily took on which  separated Him  from the father and the Holy spirit-

The reason for the  Cross.

I don’t know how many of you would have had the privellage of having a part of yourself being torn away from you?

This is not just any part of himself-it was anhilation of  His very being,Who He was ..

You and I would not even begin to understand the magnitude of deep agony he must have been through.

‘I thirst’-He would have thirsted for the restoration of His complete being,the oneness of the Holy trinity –Father ,Son and the Holy spirit.

3)The vocational  thirst,FUTURE THIRST-The thirst to see His finished work of Calvary.

To see the light of Easter in the lives of the humanity he had just  given His life for.

The thirst to see souls being saved and the restoration of the fallen humanity into the most Holy fellowship of the Trinity.

It was AWTozer who said-‘Eternity won’t be long enough to learn all that God is or praise him for all that he has done’.

 There is always a paradox in Christianity and I was searching for one here too and the Lord lead me to it-

“in the midst of sorrow is consolation,in the midst of darkness is light,in the midst of despair is hope,,in the cup of sorrow was the cup of joy,''(Henry Nouven)

And here it is-“In Jesus’heart-rending cry of ‘I thirst’-was the key to the Living waters.”

You want  the Living waters to flow through you ,embrace Jesus’ crucification ,you will inherit his thirst….

 1)The thirst –as you go through the pain you have been called to embrace,  whatever it may be,not trying to escape it,nor dull it but live through it to experience the birth of something BEAUTIFUL which can be taught and manifested only in the school of Pain.

(Henry Nouven)''When I say the pain I mean the true pain and  not the false pain.

False pain is when you feel rejected and you think of yourself as a failure or misfit-When the pain is nothing more than perception -It is not true.

You have to disown these pain as false pain.This will kill you spiritually.

But there is a true pain,the dull or excruitiating ache which will not go away regardless of how much you surpress,repress it.

You have to embrace it ,live through the uncertain dark Saturday,……….and wait for the easter to dawn…...

Learn to discern your pain…''(Henry Nouven).

Jesus did not own the pain of betrayel,rejection or mockery……,he disowned it and defeated it…-He restored , He affirmed and He gifted His  life….

But He embraced the pain of  Crucification which made way for the Resurrection… and Easter….

Learn to discern your pain.

2)Thirst  for your own intimacy with the Trinity….

‘As the deer panteth for the water….so my soul longeth after you….u alone are my heart’s desire and I long to worship you….

Do we really thirst after God?Is he our heart’s desire?

Do we long to know him and worship him?

My sincere prayer is that you and I inherit that  precious,priceless thirst….this Holy season.     

3) Thirst -for the vocation of Christ,

for the restoration of others towards the mandate for which He gave His life for ,-the thirst for souls.

Christ had a vocation-He moved with his head towards Jerusalem….

Do you and I have one?Was it Thomas Merton who said  ‘When (the living waters in you) Your deepest Joy embraces the deepest  hunger (thirst )in the world-that is your vocation!’

Your embracing the cross and inheriting Christ’s thirst…………will lead you to the ….. living waters..and the living waters in you will go and water the parched places of Christ’s thirst.

This is our God of paradox! Be on the lookout for Him!

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