Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town.

I am spending my Christmas with friends.A lovely couple,and a five year old who is uncannily bright.She has been writing her letter to Santa for Christmas for quite sometime.She has a list she has made and written to Santa for.Nothing much but a fluffy rabbit,ring(any ring at all) and nintendo.She is more excited about Christmas then anything.She has been to neighbours on either side with her Christmas card and her gifts.A ninety year old lady who is spending her Christmas alone and a family on the other side.
She is excited about the Christmas party tomorrow which her parents are planning to host for their friends.She has been on the karoake practising her christmas songs for the get-together tomorrow.
For some reason she thought 25th was the Christmas eve.She was dissapointed to know that today was the Christmas eve because she thought she ought to have been a better girl,eaten her food early and gone to bed so that santa could come in with her gift.
She has a special message from Santa from the north pole who has a book with her name on it in his library with her record.I cannot wait to see her reaction when she gets her message on-line tomorrow.
Her mother asked her-'O, have you bought a gift for Chering?She emphatically answered-'Chering ,all you have to do is ask!and you will get it'  -I was stunned for a moment.Ask what you want and Santa will get it for you.'
Santa is nowhere in the bible.
The joy and exuberence behind the whole mystic of Santa that lights up the lives of children like O' ,fills my heart with wonder.
Come Lord Jesus into the lives of the little ones......Santa may be a figment of someones imagination but the joy,wonder and amazement it brings into these little lives makes me believe You are very near.

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