Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coming Home.

The flight back home was unusually tame and short.
I decided to take the KLM home.Got such cheap tickets that I had to doubt till I had checked in as to whether there was a catch.However there was a detour through Amsterdam.
The flight to Amsterdam was just forty minutes.Sandwitched between two gentleman ,one of whom had this terrible flu-I had a tough time trying to make sure that I don't get sneezed on for one final time in Europe.
The sandwich they served was made of wholewheat but the container took the cake.
Coloured earthy brown, it was full of information and the recipe for the dutch wholewheat bread.
I ate my sandwitch and much to the amusement of my co-travellers folded the container neatly and put it into my bag.I thought the concept was fascinating.
In the airport found my way to the lounge and looked into the shops to see what I could find.
Picked a few tulip bulbs for my parents and the tiny clogs ..and headed to check in.
The lounge was full of co-patriots.
There were two Caucasians .
There was a security call so the boarding was done twice.
I had a Sikh lady on the way home from Canada on one side and a young gentleman going home from Amsterdam on the other side who was struggling to tide off his habitual smoking and so was clinging on to the electronic cigarette.
Indians are Indians, before long all of us were pally enough to find the Sikh lady asking me for some toothpaste to freshen up.
I watched two movies back to back.
'Paul Scmidt ',which had sterling performances from Helen Mirren and Al Pacino and 'Argo' which swept the Oscars.
I also suffered through a documentary on' One Direction' and 'Eagles' before settling down for the comedies on television.
The choice of music on the flight was nothing to write home about and the only hindi flick was Talaash which incidentally I seem to have watched,must be on the flight into UK.
I reached Delhi at 1.30 AM ,it sunk me then why the ticket was so cheap.
I walked through the customs where they just waved me in for whatever reason to the pre-paid booth.
I had told my sister I would catch the taxi home.
She categorically told me not to take the black and white taxi but to take the radioed cab .I had told her I would call her up as soon as I landed so that my brother-in law could do the half an drive from Dwarka to pick me up.
Predictably my phone's charge conked off and I stubbornly headed for the pre-paid cab.
The driver was some typical village person from the heartlands I have always been so comfortable with most of my adult life.
Did I feel scared-no.
I felt absolutely at home.My heart just welled up with a compassion that is not my own and I knew I was home.


JK said...

Welcome home. I'm in Delhi now. Attending an EHA meeting. Do call if you get time.

pixi said...

Thank you Jeevan,enroute home with the gorkhaland strike et al.
Will get in touch once I settle down.
Good to be back.