Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This fiction happened.

(An assignment from the fiction writing course).

On 22nd December 1938 ,at seven thirty in the evening, Phugu Dorjee, having served his master a frugal supper of fresh potato with vegetables ,went out for a quick stroll to the market place.

He was sitting on the hearth of one of the stalls.

At seven forty five ,a sentry on a horseback, came trotting into town beating a drum.

..'citizens,please listen........ his majesty, the chogyal(King) of Sikkim,has given an urgent call to all the citizens of Lachung to vacate town as soon as possible.A big glacier is expected to sweep through town any moment....hear,.hear!.'.

Phugu Dorjee rushed back to the mission house where he saw his master's study door pull closed.
It was time for Pilkenin Sahab's evening devotion.He prefered not to be disturbed.

The matter was urgent so Phugu Dorjee knocked at the door,opened it judiciously and said, ' Sahab, a big glacier is expected to sweep through town any moment.Everyone is leaving town with supplies for the journey, we have to make a quick exit.'

Pilkenin sahab was on his knees with a King James version of the bible open on the mat in front of him.

He looked at Phugu Dorjee indulgently and said, ' Phugu , why don't you get things ready , the horses, supplies and all , in the mean time I will finish my devotion.'

The clock struck eight in the kitchen clock.It was drizzling lightly.Phugu was ready, booted and packed.He took out a fresh pair of boots for his master and laid it near the door ready to be slipped in.

'Sahab, should we go, we are getting late.'

Pilkenin sahab ,still on his knees, said, 'Just wait Phugu, let me finish praying.Why don't you start off.Keep the horse ready and I should be able to catch up with you .'

'Master, I will wait for you on the other hill but please hurry up'-said Phugu.He jumped onto the horseback and trotted off as fast as he could with his supplies.

Pilkenin Sahab went back into the joy of undisturbed prayer .

Phugu in the meantime began to worry.He had known his master to spend whole nights in prayer.He fervently hoped this was not one such night.After three years of serving him he had grown fond of his master who was kindness personified.

Pilkenin Sahab was a missionary who had been sent by the Finnish mission to this remote mountain village of Lachung in Sikkim.

Three years into the service, he had never heard a harsh word from his master.

To Phugu Dorjee, Pilkenin sahab was the personification of 'Yeshu Athing'(Jesus Christ) the sahab so passionately preached.

At eight-thirty Phugu caught up with the rest of the village who had assembled on the opposite hill and started making arrangements for retiring for the night .

He unloaded his bag.There was a pin-drop silence.
All who were present described it later as ' a deep rumbling sound ' .The earth below them trembled.

The noise continued for the next fifteen minutes, following which, everything was still.

Phugu dropped the bag he had been carrying and started running across the bridge.

The opposite hill was broken right in the middle.

He saw a few small pieces of rock rolling down , the only evidence of the hill that had dragged down into the river which was flowing mercilessly at a high speed , there was no going back.

At the streak of dawn , Phugu crouched where the mission house had been.

There was no evidence of life, just a big stone stood where the house had been.

On 24th of December in the Pilkenin household in Finland , when all the family were getting ready to attend the Christmas service, a telegram arrived which was received by Jane Pilkenin,sahab's five year old daughter.




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