Friday, August 22, 2014

Uncomfortably comfortable.

Today,I stand in a strange place. I do my rounds of the hospital ward and I wonder where I am . I have two ladies who have undergone total abdominal hysterectomies,one gentleman who has undergone resection anastomosis who has just started liquid diet,one gentleman who had his obstructed herniae released and underwent a herniorhaphy with a mesh insertion,two ladies who delivered by caeserian section,one lady with a breast abscess who underwent incision and drainage,one patient post-snake-bite who underwent skin grafting,one patient who has come for exploration of the sole of his feet for probable foreign body.One gentleman who has presented with a bad wound infection post-electrocution for wound debridement. I also happen to have a lady with unstable angina,a young kid on ambu ventilation for snake-bite ,a few patients with fevers and acute gastr-enterites. By the grace of God they all are doing well. These past few weeks I have seen a lady with a haemoglobin of 1.7 gm% with a GCS of 6/15,stranded in the village for two whole days in that state for a lack of vehicle recover and go home.I have seen a tiny baby rejected by the government hospital brought in gasping for breathe sheet white,slowly coming back to life while all of us awaited for the life to go out of him.The same baby the next day during the morning prayers sat on his knees with his hands folded together while we prayed .He was all of two and a half years. I have seen a young boy in his late teens pushed away by a local nursing home in acute respiratory distress and septic shock saying in between gasps of breath that he did not want to leave our hospital.We safely transported him to a higher centre in Jabalpur in our ambulance and a nurse-aid for a PEEP. I stand here ...suspended....,it seems in mid-air,uncomfortably comfortable in Lord Jesus' grace.


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

One word: Amazing!
Two words: Carry on!
Three words: Glory to God!

Blessings from the Eichers in Thane

Pradeep said...


Amy and Arpit Mathew said...

What to say Chering - what you are doing is beyond comprehension - you are truly in His will and blessing. May you be encouraged and strengthened.