Sunday, December 14, 2014

The article on 'cats can sleep anywhere'...

I saw this article on cats can sleep anywhere....and that brought back memories.I have also slept in strangest of places in my life and as I go back the memory lane it sure does make me nostalgic. I have slept on stone benches in Satbarwa awaiting another call on hot summer night enjoying the cool summer breeze.I have slept on the stone parapet on my way home from a call near the badminton court.What do you do when the temperature touches the forties and your fan moves at the speed of the wall clock? I have slept on my head on top of a cemetry at four in the morning,that was Sheba and me in one of our quiet times in Oddanchattram.I have slept on a bench with just the frames and the wiring all given away ,when friends were visiting and I just had a two room accomodation. I have slept on top of newspapers,on cold winter nights....and I am not homeless as yet. One memory I hold dear to my heart and often recollect was travelling from Vellore to Oddanchattram in the general compartment with Dr Annie Jacob.We managed to occupy one sleeper and two window seats.I gave the sleeper to Dr Annie .I slept in between the two window seats with the mid-portion of my body hanging in the air.I could do that in those days...I remember Dr Annie lifting her head every fifteen minutes to ask me if I was okay till I stopped hearing her. Not to forget I have slept with a skull on my face ,femur by my side in my hand.... I have also slept on the roof-top with aurion,the galaxy and the great bear for company..... .. I have slept under the bed hiding from my mother after a chilhood prank ....I have also slept on operation theatre floors.. Don't misunderstand me,I do use the bed occasionally.

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