Friday, October 30, 2015

The train Journey.

Almost ten days of anaesthesia haze and I am back in the wear and tear of the field as it actually is.The train journey was unexpected .I had a train ticket on a waiting list and was trying this route for the first time.Had a mind to turn back many a time and go via my usual route,that is through Delhi.So was pleasantly surprised to see an all AC train with my reservation confirmed in the first class compartment.I anticipated a good rest after boarding the train at an unearthly hour at three in the morning.The journey was allright.Each time I felt uneasy I reminded myself of the posture I was in in the station while waiting for the train to come in and it made me enjoy my berth better.
Saw a father daughter drama wrapped in intercultural delimna unfold before my eyes.A lovely daughter and her father were travelling from Guwahati to Kuchbihar for the daughter's marriage to a person from UP.Bengali in origin ,father was in a last minute rustle to put in an extra dose of culture into the child.Every rustle of the jhalmuri man would see them buying some .We were in the first class compartment so it was not too often.A liberal bengali though he was I saw his face harden slightly when he mentioned that his 'son in law to be', was a UP-ite.I tried imagining in my mind's eye what he would be like and I just could not go beyond Amitabh Bachan and his son.I could understand his anxiety,they could not be more different but I guess being a bengali,brought up in the north-east the girl would be culturally confused , like I am.
Theperson on the next berth was an assamese ,post-ESPN journalist who was travelling to be with his family in Indore.It was all hunky dory down there with this gentleman allowing us a peep into his world where he and his wife had adopted a girl child.To me a doctor, he looked like a high risk coronary case.He was fit enough ,on the larger side, but he only gorged on the train biryani whose oil is a suspect and smoked like a chimney.
Listening to them ,on a continuous banter ,I wish I had carried a pen .I had many a moment when I ,a voyeur ,saw a potential article but I did not carry a pen and my mind did not deem it registrable.
From the lovely early winter sunshine of Sikkim I have come straight into the lap of cold Lakhnadon in sweaters in the mornings.I am back to face the winter struggle.......with God's grace.

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