Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back through the old roads again.

I was  mighty excited to walk through my old school of life where I spent ten precious years of my youth.Meeting Elias in Daltonganj and talking to him brought back memories of many aeons ago when he used to entertain me with the local stories.He guardedly gave me accounts of things as they were .Daltonganj is much the same.Saw some boards of old colleagues in various private practises in town.
Entering through the gates of NJH some very funny experiences came to my mind.When one was living it ,it seemed like the mountain defining the various facets of the big and small decisions we made in life.But from this distance in the future it all felt like an array of comic adventure.
NJH has it's eccentricities.It takes time to get into the skin of the place and the people.The first memory that struck me was standing under the founder's tree in our group attending a wedding dinner,unattended,ungreeted and ignored.We stood our ground though ,because there was no food in the mess and we had been invited.We sat on the chairs, ate our food and went away quietly.I never thought my memory would take me there.Now we sit and laugh over it.
Met all the stalwarts ,most of them older,wiser and warmer.
NJH was a tough place for any young person but we muddled our way through that place with memories and lessons for life.There is nothing superficial about the place.Either one is in or one is out.
i think I was out for the first four yearsof my life in NJH.The next six ,although I was in the leadership position, I was partially in.Now that I have been away for the past six years I think I am in but I am not sure as yet and that is NJH for you.Ha! Ha!

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