Monday, February 8, 2016


As I boarded the train to Delhi  l hastily  mumbled  a prayer  ,that I might  have  intresting  co passengers. There were two small  toddler, a couple ,their  parents, there was another little boy around twelve years of age, unusually composed for his age . He and the gentleman got talking. He was on his way to AIIMS  where his father was  admitted for the past four months with gangrenous bowel and in between the episode had a bout of stroke and a heart attack. He had an older sister and mother  who was with the father. The father was the breadwinner but the boy had temporarily postponed his class ten exams. He was on his way back after selling the crop to fund his father's expense. The  gentleman with us was a garrulous Indian, who immediately took charge of the situation by looking into the Kundli and started foretelling the prognosis. He even offered the boy some dinner which he refused politely.
At midnight our gentleman and his beautiful family of four de boarded in Gwalior. The kid was watching wrestling in his iPhone. Suddenly the boy turned to me and asked,'aunty, are you a doctor,I said 'yes'.Such compassion filled my heart and a sense of immense priveĺlage and gratitude of being in the profession hit me.It wasn't the time to talk because a horde of new passengers were settling in.I offered him some of the fruits I carried with me .That thoughtful little kid on the train gave me a food for thought but most  importantly an immense sense of gratitude to God for making me a doctor.
I have in the recent times been observing how young kids covet and aspire to be in the profession I so carelessly hold.It is a priveĺlage indeed to be a doctor and I thank the Lord for the grace of making me one.

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