Monday, March 7, 2016

Poor patient's fund.

Sanibai was rushed in to the OPD with a history of leaking PV with six months of Amenorrhoea.They had been reffered to Seoni by the government hospital in Lakhnadon. In dire strait of emergency they had thought of the mission as a last resort.She was losing a lot of fluid PV but the foetus was recording a strong heart beat.We resorted to treat her conservatively and wait.
They already had three children and the husband, a stammering gentleman was acutely concerned about his wife’s health and kept insisting we abort the baby.We were treating her with antibiotics and hoping somehow the leak would seal off.
They have an acre of land in the village where they earn around ten thousand rupees annually so to supplement for it they work as migrant labourers in the towns where they earn around r7upees 150 per day but in the village they only earn Rs 100 per day.
We were in a real delimna.We sent the patient for an ultrasound and the ultrasound showed a viable foetus of 1.5 Kgs.However they were in no mood to keep the baby so we struck a deal with them .We told them that we would operate and take out the baby,do a tubectomy for her and nurse the baby till the baby started breastfeeding but they would have to stick around till the baby was out of our care and take the baby home with them and that we would not charge them anything for the services rendered.They agreed.
We operated and took out a 1.6 k
g beautiful baby boy,small but active crying lustily,did her tubectomy and then when we showed the baby to the relatives they looked excited .They were willing to take the baby to Seoni to keep him in an incubator.We arranged for transport.
Today we discharged the patient and have asked her to come back on the 11th of March for stitch removal and if possible with the baby.
We could do this boldly because we have some funds kept aside for poor patients.
We thank our Lord Jesus for the grace He gave us in managing this patient.
A week later they walk into our out-patient today. 

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