Wednesday, May 4, 2016


When there is no rain ,there is drought,
There is no food .Two square meals ..what is it?
Life becomes tougher,struggling for that two pots of water.
Cycling  at four in the morning
To the community well .
The water is receding,
The doctor talks about clean,sanitized water ,
We want just water,water to drink,to wash ,to cook
when there is food.
Will the rains ever come?
I can hear the thunder
In the distant sky.
Are our prayers heard?
Yes the rains will come and with it
Malaria,acute gastroenteritis and ofcourse ,
The snakes will be out to enjoy the respite…
Lalli has been bitten ,
Will she survive?
The drought,the starvation,dehydration,
The fever ,the  snake-bite
Or the doctor’s bill.

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