Sunday, July 3, 2016


It's five in the morning.I pull my deck chair to the verandah of my quarter to take in the cool ,fresh monsoon air of the morning.I tilt my head to listen to the sound of the nature,the bird in earnest conversation,the rustle of the leaves,dew-drops quietly tiptoeing to settle into the grass in the lawn,the lone birdling singing away to glory.My senses alert, I do not take it for granted anymore.It has been some time since I have been able to really listen ,to the nature beyond the voices of my own head and the manyfold noises of the paraphenalia and the constant tinnitus in my left ear.
It is a beautiful morning ,it is a beautiful day and it is a beautiful life.So much to be thankful to God for.
We are working towards a women's workshop in August in Lakhnadon ."Women-a method of God"-Two stellar ladies Mrs Renuka Sanghi and Mrs Waghmare have agreed to guide us through various topics.We are sincerely praying for the right candidates to attend the conference.
God just wants us to pray.In the cacophony that surrounds us, he wants us to retreat to that sanctum sanctorium, to commune with the Holy of Holies .To listen to Him...Whatever it takes for Him to get our attention.
May our steps be firm ,may our ground be the solid Rock ,may our beacon be the Eternal Light and may Christ come forth in glory to stand before us in all that we say and do because we have listened.
If so, then 'If Christ be for us who can be against us?...'

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