Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The raddish,the ginger,the cat who demanded it's feed and the upper room discourse!

Yesterday the workers cleared one part of our kitchen garden to put in new seeds.They unearthed mamoth-sized raddishes ,like the types I had seen during the south american revival times.Each one weighing a couple of kilograms.My dad thought that it might be much too ripe and was asking the boys to use it as cattle fodder.I had other thoughts.I spent half a day cleaning and cutting them and making simple pickle in lemon water with green chilly,giant sized ginger ,salt and a herb I am not sure what they call.It is in the sun .
I also made a lot of raddish chips some of which I packed for my cousin and a senior church friend.The dinner was raddish parathas made in pure home-made ghee.Even my diabetic uncle who is on insulin and very careful with his food ate five mini parathas.My cousin who had eight mini-parathas argued that it was like eating two,looking at the size of the fare.
In our family reading we are looking through the upper room discourse and it's significance as being the heart of christian faith.
My sister is neck deep writing on 'the church architecture ,a window into the christian presence in Sikkim' for the state gazzetere.It is a fascinating read.
In between all these I bake biscuits,just spend time in the sun with my parents,watch the carpenters in the minute details of their work,feed and talk to Hero,our tibetain apso.The other day I had just gone to feed him and was walking back to the kitchen when one of the cats with no name, nudged me.I unconciously complained ,'why is this cat hitting me?'Instantly my mom observed that I had forgotten to feed the cat.
My neice is studying for her final exams in Delhi and we all are busy scouring the options she has for her specialisation.Hope she makes it to the UK with me.

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