Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oddanchattram - The way I see it now...........

In the midst of the haze of trying to balance a hundred and one things together one often forgets to savour every minute that passes by.It is God alone who needs to be given the glory for all the beauty in our lives,I am getting a year older and it seems like I am really putting on in years,hopefully more mentally than physically.I very often find myself unconciously going through the motions automatically.
Then I stop for a moment to take a deep breath and look around which is when I realise what I am actually missing.
The other day I received a mail from ODC asking me to write something about my time there.As I sat back with my pen to write - this is what actually flowed through.It was a revelation for me.

ODDANCHATTRAM-The way I see it now.

Oddanchattram,ten years since.After a decade in the rough and tough world of Indian missions,it almost seems like a distant dream.What does ODC mean to me now?It means Dr.KV's warm smile that reaches the heart,Dr.K.O pulling out gauvas from his shoulder bag in Pachalur and giving it to us,week-end retreats with Drs Paul and Latha,Dr Sushil struggling to get a good scale from us as he worked towards the christmas choir,valsa's chocolate cake,Dr.Raj's evening also means Beulah aka calling us for the evening prayer,Zeba refusing to look at us after a bad singing session in the chapel,Sheba and myself sitting at the back of the chapel and crying our hearts out as Sam and Sarah David shared their testimony through a song,Abraham snoring through the meditation sessions in Pachalur,culinary skills that could turn macaroni into mayonnaise........Ali,Nithila,Nancy and the never ending laughing sessions....and the voices of Sunil and Mary Abraham over the telephone now asking me how I am in Satbarwa!
Oddanchattram to me is the hand and reflection of God in its myraid beauty in the lives of people like you and me.

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