Saturday, November 10, 2007

'Victims innocentes.'

Yesterday I saw a movie-'victim innocentes'-a story of a boy Chama ,based in the background of the civil war in El-Salvador.It was a heart-breaking story made more poignant by the wonderful acting of the boy-actor.It sort of made me get the focus back which I personally felt I was losing for bits due to all the pettiness which I am also a part of in our everyday lives.As I sat in the church and participated in the singing of the song'jivan rupi more dunga ahay'which speaks of jesus taking us through the stormy sea across to the other side -it brought tears to my eyes.In that level of suffering and desperation where innocent children are being used everyday to cater to the animal spirit of man in all coats of sophistication what sort of tomorrow do we have to give our children?The world needs the hope that only Jesus can give.Do I in my everyday life give even ten seconds of thought to all the souls that are being moulded to frames where Jesus may or may not be accomodated.Have mercy on me o'lord.

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