Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America Wins

Strange, the chord an election so far away can strike here in one distant corner of India.As a child, reading about the american civil right movement,Martin Luther King Jnr became my childhood hero.I remember carrying his autobiography close to my chest even as I devoured his eloquence,his passion ,his commitment to christ and therefore his commitment to the cause that ultimately cost him his life.I mugged up his 'I have a dream speech..'and like a lunatic used to rattle those speeches in front of the mirror.
I am a sikkimese ,born and brought up in India,a women to boot and now a missionary of sort.
Yet today when the much awaited american election news poured in there were tears in my eyes...why did I want Obama to win...america to win so badly??

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Diki said...

i too was glued to the television waking up at odd hours just to see the results,i too dont know why i or rather many people did it.i guess somewhere deep down it touched a cord,after all we are actually human.