Thursday, November 6, 2008

My birthday

What a strange way to celebrate my birthday.For the first time in my life I did not own it .It was like as though I was just a spectator standing some steps behind and watching it all from a distance.Almost everybody who mattered remembered my birthday-it seemed atlleast most of them did and the staffs were overwhelming in their generosity with blessings.I got flowers and more flowers-got me worried about the campus flowers and yet the excitement of the history which was made yesterday made it all so insignificant.
The telephone lines were down and so in-coming was all that was possible-one by one one people,mom,agya,aie mimi,amchung,sanu machi,agya PG,aie diki,Johnson,sheba who very sweetly prayed for me...the juniors and the mess guys...the staffs...the TB guys who did an inspirational prayer,CHDP guys,Pradhans,the OT people.........the office guys......
I still have not wished myself a happy birthday as yet!

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