Monday, February 9, 2009


My soul yearneth for you-my creator
A deep,deep hole in my heart,
I live during the day I barely do,
Going through the motions,

Where and when do I find myself closest to you?
It is not in the comfort of the home and the familiar,
where most parts of me just lulls to sleep,
It's not in the luxuries of the world,success and entertainments,
Fleeting,dissapearing,pathetic and tragic
in it's illusive temporariness.

It is not even in the comfort of my friends,
and loved ones where I feel accepted and almost close.
Amazingly,I feel closest to you amidst conflicts,
broken people,broken lives-torn by diseases,worldly poverty.
I feel closest to you when I overstep the boundary-
When I have nothing but you.

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