Monday, February 9, 2009

Stranded in the station

The train from delhi reached two hours after mid-night.The station was a sea of humanity prostrate in the sweet world of dreams and beyond.I deb0arded,lugged my luggage to the exit and looked around for a familiar face come to receive me- there was none.I made a space for myself on the floor and sat on the steps while I called the hospital.The driver had slept off .It was an hour's drive away.I got myself a cup of sweet tea and sat down to enjoy it and the utter peace with a book by Ravi Zach.
I was deep into it when I noticed an old lady take a seat next to me.She was apparently my patient and was waiting for the dawn.She lived in the village next to mine.She gave me company for the moment.Tapeshwar came by an hour later-it seemed too short a time.We took the lady and her son to their village and got back to the hospital in the early hour of the morning.
There were several things that surprised me about myself.
1.I wasn't anxious when the expected was not forthcoming.
2.I enjoyed my time in the station in that wee hour of the morning -reading and talking to that simple village lady from Bakoria which I normally do but hadn't ever done at such an odd hour.
3.I wasn't irritated with Tapeshwar for sleeping off when he was to have been in time for my train especially when I was anticipating a busy day at work.
4. I found myself thanking the lord with a joy in my heart for the experience.
Now when did I change????

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Famit said...

I always feel that for change to occur, one must be willing to change. After that , its all a process of transforming. Gee Pixie...wonder where your moult( isn't the snakeskin called that?) is? eh! Awesome read. Keep it up!!