Friday, May 22, 2009

The flavour of the season!

The lights in Palamu have been hijacked-I literally mean that.I believe a group of MCC cadres actually walked up to the power house from where our lights are supplied and have locked it .They have demanded guns AK-47 in place of electricity.The best part is that the only places where the power is supplied from the point is, our hospital and the town of Satbarwa.
So the nights are literally spent walking around like a zombie in the campus looking for a drift of stray gale -or sleeping under the stars in the stone benches chatting with Sona Devi about the mosquitoes,the heat,all in dehati-which I love the sound of.
Wow!even as I write this I can hear the skies tear apart allowing a torrent of Norwesters through.Come the baisakhi,there is a rush for green mangoes all over the campus.You find them in all sizes,the mangoes and the people who run for them.They make a cool drink to beat the heat with it and it is just so delicious.The green mangoes have to be roasted over the firewood to get the right flavour after which the crushed pulp is run through the mixer with ice,water ,a bit of salt and sugar to taste-a sprigg of mint.It sure does beat the heat and tastes heavenly.
Every one around mentions the smell of the wet earth around the place.It is heady and gets to you.It must be the rains after a spell of intense heat that gets your senses alive!and I thought 'mitti ka khusboo' was just another bollywood dialogue.

The flavour of the season in these parts is definately the heat,the green mangoes,the naxallites ,the prime-minister and not necessarily in that order.

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