Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A heart-beat away

A badly mucked up case of ruptured uterus came in from Chattarpur.The lady was in serious distress, the foetal product seemed to be in the abdominal cavity.There was no foetal heart sound.An emergency call was given for anaesthesia and the case posted.On opening the abdomen there was blood all over ,the placenta was outside the ruptured uterus and the baby,still and lifeless -half in and half out but within the gestational-sac.I extracted the baby,no breathing,no heart-beat but suddenly it coughed.The anaesthetist and the floor nurse pounced on the baby and with vigourous resuscitation the baby was soon pink and breathing on it’s own.It was a strange experience,but for the grace of God and the thin membrane which had protected the baby he would have been just another statistic .He was the first male offspring after two female children-they had apparently been to the local dai,who had done everything from a massage to injecting pitrocin to speed up the delivary and ensure the complication.
We had prepared the bystander for the worse ,we had believed the inevitable but the lord in his sovereignity had other plans .
Simultaneusly a badly beaten up man was brought to the emergency.He was the assistant to the driver who drove the daily van from Satbarwa to the adjacent villages.On his way back from delivering the children to school he had over-loaded his van as usual and had had an accident.One person had a spot death and all the others were injured,the driver apparently ran away.A whole village had congregated and had dragged this person to the road-side and had beaten him black and blue and burnt down the vehicle.No bones were broken but he was badly bruised and in a state of shock.
Behind him walked in the state congress general secretary and the superintendent of police-(election time-no surprise!)the boy recovered pretty well and looked as good as new the next morning.He had had a bad day but the predominant thought was how fortunate he had been,(not for being beaten up) but for what could have been but did not.
These were two incidences in a single morning reminding us just how fragile human lives really are!!

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