Monday, June 1, 2009

Climb every mountain

The lady was in her mid-twenties-a tribal from a place called Mahuadar.Mahua-is a fruit from which the local beer is brewed and dar is a hill.The place is predominantly a mixture of catholics,protestants with some animists.It's famous for it's waterfalls amongst the locals-it's a picnic spot.They also have a convent cum a clinic there-sick patients are often reffered to our hospital.
This lady obviously had an acute abdominal pathology which needed immediate exploration.They had come to us as a last resort .She had bled into the abdomen with symptoms of what looked like a ruptured ectopic pregnancy-it's when the baby is concieved in places other then the womb.She had lost a lot of blood,her haemoglobin was down to 2 gm%.I called Dulari our nurse anaesthetist-she agreed to give anaesthesia if two pints of blood could be arranged.
They had no donors but somehow the blood was arranged and the case posted.
I had never done a laparotomy before but after opening umpteen number of abdomen one tends to be more stable at the propect of exploring.The bystanders looked absolutely at peace.As we prayed before the surgery all of us felt that same sense of God being in control.
We opened up the abdomen and there was blood every where gushing out like a burst dam.As we sucked old blood out ,the nurse started the pint we had in hand.Next I started the exploration and in the fallopian tube on the right side was the product sticking out from a rent hardly 4cms long.I emptied the product ,sutured the rent and cleaned the abdomen with normal saline,put in a drain and her abdomen was as good as new.
There were a few reflections after the surgery was done.
A small rent ,almost less than 4cms could create such a havoc and would have cost the lady her life,secondly- absolute sense of camadarie and a spirit of one-ness that is most evident when God is doing things that are absolutely beyond us ,it is in a sense a worship of Him who is in control.
I had ,in absolute trust,broken one more barrier in my life.
I thank the lord who helps me climb every mountain even as I rest in Him.

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