Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Frustrating India???

One of the responsiilties I hold is in the public-private sector of RNTCP.As a boost to the existant programme one of the donor agencies have donated a van inorder to dissipate information to the public on TB.I have been desperately trying to knock all doors to lay my hands on a decent movie on tubercculosis inorder to use it for IEC activities and I draw a complete blank from every corner.The RNTCP in it's web-site talks about all sorts of TB material available but we find a gap.There are no movies in the CTC as well.
Hello!why put up exotic promises in the web-site when we have no intention of following it up with action??Besides what are we really doing ?We are really doing the government's job for them with no help whatsoever from them.
The new NGO scheme came into practise from the October of last year but the government is still sitting on it without any MOUs being signed.
RNTCP used to be a department that actually used to work in Palamu and within a span of one year it has become just another run of the mill government department obsessed with paper work and paper work alone.
God help the programme !and the people involved including us.
God help the poverty-stricken tuberculosis patients in Palamu and India.

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