Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Outisde our comfort zones!

With due respect to all my colleagues who work in the government departments and many of whom are beyond reproach,we, who work in the heart of rural India, have been for decades very cynical of the government machineries.Often all things government are synonymous for 'corruption' in these areas.They have been known to sit on files and make life difficult for people who actually want to do something.
Over the last several years,I have been seeing a shift in the general trend-most of our units have opened up to the national programmes and are walking hand in hand with them towards the MDG.
We have seen ourselves as people who have been called to stand in the gap for the rural population and in some areas also to make sure that the tax-paper's money percolates down to the lowest strata in the form of health facities........etc,etc....but I see a bigger role our faith-based health-care institutions have .It is to set a trend in the way these programmes are managed,the facilities delivered and the way we interact with the stakeholders concerned- a totally different way.....the way of Christ!-that could be the only reason the doors are opening...May we be able to read the sign of times,may we be able to stand, move with it and be what we are called to be outside our comfort zones!

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