Saturday, July 24, 2010

He is the rock of my salvation!

The last ten days have been a time of soul-searching indeed.
It started with Shalom seeing Jesus in the mess-it was young Jonathan with his beard,et al.It intrigiued me no less to know that the little boy has this fascinating talent of personifying different people from a different plane altogether.It would be absolutely normal for him to identify you as a fruit,an animal or a character in the cartoon net-work.I wondered aloud to Jeevan as to whether he was a great cartoonist in the making!Not bad at all for a two and a half year old child.
In the midst of the transition hulla-bulla,felt a strange spiritual pressure to make a quick trip home to meet up with a dear uncle,visiting from abroad and a brother who is dearly sick.It was a precious time at home with the family.
I met my cousin for the first time since he has been diagnosed and that was eleven months back.He has been a fighter all his life.Eleven months had brought a sea of change in him.Everytime we met we would have discussions gallore with him ribbing me about my faith.Here he was as frail as can be,still at it...even when every word was an effort....through the pain of seeing him so weak I couldn't but help warmed my heart.He looked so ethearel and beautiful-I caught his hands,amidst the hundred and something oil lamps and the tiny silver wheel of life rotating at the head end of his bed-I prayed-oh I prayed ,a silent prayer-I felt strangely at peace.All I wanted to do was lay my head beside him and just be -in his frailty,I felt ever so close to my savior.Lord jesus,How well you have loved me!'Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death,thou art with me thy rod and thy staff....they comfort me.'

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