Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dehra in spring

Dehra is getting into it's first flush of spring.It's lovely to just get out of the four walls and keep the pace.We have an onslaught of poisonings making it to the hospital casuallty.It is indeed surprising that anyone should want to put an end to life when everything around seems so beautiful.
Yesterday Manoj came to the out-patient for his medicines.I started off from where I had ended.He told me he had bits and pieces of bible tracts with him but no bible.I found a Gideon's new testament to give him and he actually turned to me and thanked me for the book.I understood that he had begun to understand the worth of the book I was passing on to him.
Today a lady came to the out-patient to see me.She had strategically covered one half of her face with her shawl and I could not understand why?I asked her and she told me that she was blind in one eye.She had a scar on one half of the face which had taken the eye along,was it an acid attack I wonder?I told her that she looked beautiful just as she was and I meant it from the heart.This is what knowing Jesus has done to me.It's the cracks,the scars,the faltering,the weak,the forgotten ..the inadequate...that reflect his beauty in all it's Glory..that is why His is an upside down kingdom and I am part of it.

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