Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just walking through life...!

Walking through the tea-estate behind HCH one sees the beauty of the creation against the canvas of the sky.Eskewed trees in all shapes and sizes ,each one unique,breathtakingly beautiful.All of God's creation is faultless but over the last few years trees have fascinated me to aesthetic heights.
The seasonal change of colours,the way the light falls through it at different times of the day and the different seasons of the year.
I often find myself just standing put at whatever I am doing to stare at it.
It does however provoke a few looks.Not everyone understands what I am at.
That is closest one can get to raw nature around here.Thank God,my soul would have died in a bigger city,I guess.
Even when I am home,I have this habit of taking long walks and there are lovely open spaces where one can do that.I walk a lot with my father but those are catching up times which he does with all of us siblings.Especially his grand children love to accompany him for walks early in the morning.
Walking is also a time of catching up with oneself.Often ,I think it is the rythmn of the walk that relaxes one and helps us get back to where we rightfully belong-amongst God's creation,back to the Creator.
I could live with nature if I could but I invariably find myself hurrying back to the safety of the compound as the night falls -I have heard a few strange sounds around there ,I am not really sure what I would do if I came across wild animals...atleast heard some stories about a leapord which had been sighted there.

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Famit said...

you have the essence of an artist and a philosopher...beautifully put to words.