Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Was going through the final lectures wiith one of the visiting electives who plans to come back to India to work in the missions .It was amazing hearing him spontanaeously give a final talk to the residents about the testimony about his calling to be in India.
Was feeling a little low having just got the news that our dynamic pastor was going to be away for a quarter of a year.The lord edified me through his testimony.Like most of us, he had reached the end of himself ,lost the taste for life….contemplating suicide and the Lord had taken over from there…….
‘Come to me all ye who are burdened ..and I will give you rest…’that was the verse that took him over to the other side .
It is amazing how the Lord has these broken vessels all over the place .I get encouraged by the deep love he puts into ordinary vessels ,giving them a purpose that has eternal value and a worth that cost God,the Cross and a separation from his own person.Suddenly that ordinary ,broken human being is ordinary no more……he is a walking ,talking mandate for Christ……precious ….oh so very precious for how many people he could in his lifetime reach out to and save,and precious simply because God thought so!

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