Sunday, June 12, 2011

Remembering KV's LRS..

I remember the words of Dr Kuruvilla Varkey in one of the LRS’s which stunned me into a deep introspection -‘If you have a pure heart the poor and the needy will naturally come to you’.
He did not say if you have a pure heart you will go to the poor.Here, there is another subtle dimension of self-fulfillment one can get at the behest of the poor if one is not careful.
This statement has remained with me eversince ,making me do an integrity check on myself from time to time.I fail most times.
The Sermon on the Mount clearly says-‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’
What is it about the poor that God is so near to them?
What is poverty?
Is it just lack of material resources or is it much more.World Bank defines it as-
“Poverty is pronounced deprivation in well-being, and comprises many dimensions. It includes low incomes and the inability to acquire the basic goods and services necessary for survival with dignity. Poverty also encompasses low levels of health and education, poor access to clean water and sanitation, inadequate physical security, lack of voice, and insufficient capacity and opportunity to better one’s life.”
Are the poor coming to us?
Are our hearts pure?
Do we see God,atleast sometimes?

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