Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eichers,FOG.....and weekend to remember!

I had a lovely weekend with the Eicher's in Landour.
The family was enjoying their much deserved break and was generous enough to accomodate me in their time together.The kids were a joy as always startling one with their candour and alarming wisdom which sometimes leaves you speechless.
We had an evening of colours with Stephen encouraging us to experiment with was an engaging time.
The next day while walking through the figure of eight in Landour I was pointing out my painting to Sheba in the woods below.
At the last minute we decided to attend the FOG church (friends of garhwal) which is just below the happened to be a youth sunday.The worship was an awkward affair,the youth not really comfortable leading the worship.I was dumbstruck and deeply touched by the sharing.There were groups of youngsters spread out all over the church fidgety,giggling and restless.The leader reprimended some of them for chewing gums and leaving the paper inside the church.Finally when the time came for sharing the word of God four young girls and one boy from the giggling group shared from the word in faultless theology.It was no word of revelation,it was not was simple messages which spoke to our hearts more so because it came from such an unexpected chewing gum chewing youngsters.Some of them were even quoting the bible extempo as they preached.There were affirmations from uncle Eicher and Aunty Christie who were obviously elated by what they were hearing.Dr Alex,the orthopaedician in Landour , from kerala has come north for a year.Aunty Christie was expressing her joy at having him around doing a sound bible studies for the group.He was sitting in one corner.I would have surely missed him had I not met him earlier.I was deeply touched .My prayer is that the Lord might raise many more people like Alex who will be willing to quietly invest in the lives of the coming generation in dingy congested rooms without fan,in a place so far away from what he must call home ,in a temporary brings our lives into perspective doesn't it....and how we forget!

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Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

we were glad to have you! take a look at our blog for a photo story on the art evening -