Friday, May 25, 2012

God loves the Talwars too!

"Ghaziabad: Murdered teenager Aarushi Talwar's parents, Nupur and Rajesh, have been charged with murder, destruction of evidence and conspiracy in the sensational double murder case in which their domestic help was also found dead. Rajesh Talwar has also been charged with misleading the investigation in the double murder case.  "-CNN IBN live

This morning ,during my quiet time I found myself sobbing my heart out to the Lord...somethings I think had upset me.One was the news of that young child Aarushi,her grotesque murder and the horribly twisted conclusion to the whole case scenario...this whole episode has kept me upset right from the onset.
I look around at the world around me and see the potential and the stimulus for evil.My heart aches for the young kids growing up in a world like this.
The gospel needs to be preached and there is no alternative to it.
The gospel is  spirit breathed and is the Word of God.It has the power to sanctify.
It has the power to heal and the Power to forgive.
I cry for you Aarushi,a mere child of fourteen used,abused and eliminated .. a life lived in the dark corridors filled with men and women who have known no Grace in their lives.You soul would have been brutalised long before your body was.
I cry for you the Talwars imprissoned long before the judgement actually came...already died so many deaths one or two more should not make a difference.
My sincere prayer is that in the dark corridors of the jail but more so that of your heart you will .... find release from the accusations that will come your way.from the public..from the media but most audibly your innner person.
I am not judging you,I don't know if you have committed the crime , does not matter anymore or does it?
There is a way out ,a savior who can release you from the dark cauldrons of the murk you find yourself in,someone who died on the cross for sinners like you and me,someone who says-'come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.'
Someone whose presence in my life makes me cry for your child I have never known and for your souls like as though they were my own.
As hard as it may seem to believe  "God loves you!"

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