Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting back.

I am yet to get some kind of equilibrium in my place of work .
I missed the sunday rest even as I travelled to jolly grant to attend the seminar on scrub typhus.
Now that the weekend is approaching I am feeling the brunt of it.
I struggled through the OPD today especially just before lunch when my sugars I think were hitting a low and then towards the evening when the cards did not look like finishing.
The deadline for my first assignment with the fiction writing is also fast approaching.
I have done the piece .
Each time I read I find something more to edit.
It has been an interesting week professionally,getting back to medicine as practised in the mission field.A week of work has given me a lot of food for thought.
With age comes a sense of rest.
The last week saw an onslaught of people coming in with all sorts of personal problems.I listened,I even wept with them but oddly enough  I had very little to say to them.
Yesterday I had to take the night prayers for the nursing students and I found myself in the odd boat of talking to a batch of twenty students,twelve of who, had never heard the Word before.
At the last moment I decided to share about Jesus calming the storm even as the storm overtook them in the boat.
Stressing on the fact that they had taken shelter in a boat which had Jesus aboard,so how important it was to know who Jesus who was in the boat was and how it would change the way they responded to situations in their life.
I share through a lifetime of learning and living the experience.
In the meantime I listen.I observe,I study my responses constantly, heavily trying to prioritise on time which seems too short every day....there never seems to be enough time already.

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