Sunday, October 20, 2013

The ordinary bread.

I am in the church.The preacher is a muslim convert.He is preaching from Isaiah.He is reiterating the Word in full gusto.I listen,I pray ,I pray hard-Oh Lord please inspire me today.
The choir sings beautifully.I pray to the Lord of my heart please Lord ,inspire me.
There is a call for the Lord's supper.
The lady's line touches the door but the men's line has just four people in it.
Taking a cue from one of the old nurses I change into the men's line.
I walk up to the Lord's supper and give a reverant glance at the supper before me.
I see crumbs of ordinary chapatti ,hastily torn by the preacher into small pieces.
It deeply touches my heart.
How I forget time and again ,my master.
You have called us to eat the ordinary bread in reverence,in the memory of you.
When you are in it ,the ordinary becomes sacred.

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