Saturday, January 18, 2014

Notes to myself.

It's been a little over two months since I last scribbled a post.
In the comfort of having the parent's around one's mind stops functioning and you give in to the pampering .
However ,over the last few months,I have watched it all through close quarters and the technical eye ,the saga of Tehelka....and now Shashi Tharoor being beaten to the pulp ,two human institutions I had looked up to .........for their transient glimpses of brilliance.I don't denounce them ,I understand them perfectly well, as I do myself and every human being on earth,fragile ,frial, and sinful.
I hold on to what is good and accept the failings.
In the meantime I take great joy in small surprises that the Lord blesses us with.
I had the pleasure of having dinner with a young kid yesterday.
She could not be more than twenty three.
I called her over with a certain sense of responsibility.
The thought crossed my mind but I wasn't sure I would meet her before she left the campus.
I would not have met her otherwise had I not scheduled  a meet but just as I remembered for the second time that I should invite her over, she crossed my path.Invite her I did and thank God for that.
A convert from a hindu background ,born to a schizophrenic father ,separated from her mother,she was a delight to talk to.
She had decided to take up psychology so that she could help out people from a similar background.I was deeply touched to see such wisdom and a quiet resolution in one so young.
I was blessed.
On Monday,I travel to Vellore for  a three day conference on critical care and also look forward to meeting up with my friend Sheba and perhaps Beaulah.Post-Vellore ,I plan to take a detour to the heart of India to Champa and the adjacent hospitals .
I am looking towards relocating soon.
As I take a second plunge into a needy area...I wonder how different it is from the first time I plunged into Palaumu,as a fresh post-graduate ,straight out from the halloed grounds of Oddanchattram.
One thing I remember about my first few years in Palaumu was that I always had my bags packed, ready to run away, if and when I felt like I could not take it anymore.
I still have my bags packed ,albeit the reason differs.


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