Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pondi notes.

Pondicherry it is.I reach at six o'clock to a guest house owned by a French couple at six in the evening and am reassured to be greeted by a family with a little daughter.
I have a splitting headache so I decide I want to eat a quick bite before I hit the sack.
Little down the street I walk into a tibetain shop and gulp down a plate of badly made momos.
The girl serves me in a traditionally sikkimese way,with that sign of respect which touches a chord.
I do manage a quick walk to the beach after the lady behind the counter assures me that Pondi is safe.I understand why when I run into police cars,police bikes and personals every ten steps.The beach looks ferocious,and beautiful at night but is overcrowded to say the least.I see a few works of different handwork potraits of Rajnikant,MGR,and I don't know who.One of them is even made of paper roses.
I walk briskly back to the hotel and hit  the sack.
Next morning I get up early and walk to the ashram.The streets around the ashram are quiet ,peaceful and clean.People are cordial.I see people from all walks of life walking barefeet ,prostrating before the lady's Samadhi or just sitting quietly,I guess meditating.I walk briefly through the ashram,look around,absorb the scenario,see a few notices for classical music concerts stuck to the board,pass through the hawk-eyed glare of the disciples perhaps wondering why I have come to visit the place at all.
I walk out of the ashram and start walking briefly through the French quarters.The place is clean  and cordial.I stop for a breakfast at a place .
I open my facebook on my phone to see a terrible status of a colleague and his wife passing away in an accident and the child fighting for his life.
That's it.That is life.
I walk to the church of immaculate conception hoping for a little time of peace, quiet and  mourning.The place is overcrowded .I walk on through the tamil quarters with their neat ,short traditional houses.
Unknowingly,I have hit the street and have reached somewhere near the place where I live.
I am walking through the sidewalks.....I suddenly find myself on my knees,my ankles at an acute angle.Three gentlemen rush towards me to help me up.
Extremely grateful and touched I thank them,sit down on the step of a shop when an old lady rushes up to me and enquires,'would you like some water?'I can't help smiling even as I say,I am fine.
What a wonderful species of people ,what a wonderful place,comfortable...very comfortable with having us around.
I hope to make a quick visit to Auroville before I travel back to Vellore.
Perhaps I will be able to meet Upasana after all.
Goodbye Pondicherry,God willing I will come again.

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