Friday, April 25, 2014

Amazing Lord,you never fail to surprise me.

Although the out-patient opens at eight in the morning, patients do not trickle in until well past ten thirty.It is a little frightening sitting around waiting for them to come through the door. The last four days I have been here I have not seen too many medicine cases but for a few hypertensives and diabetics who have come to repeat medicines and a single young boy in sickle cell crisis whose pain was so severe that because of the need for narcotics to control the pain we had to send him to Nagpur because we do not have the license. I had just discharged my last IP patient that morning a lady with normal delivary who had had a tubectomy and was occupying the private room and had dragged her feet about going home. I was a little discouraged so I called a colleague and sat behind closed doors to pray. We had not finished praying when an old lady in her sixties and an old man ,simple village folks walked into my clinic with chest pain.She had a MI.Even as we attended to her I was filled with a deep sense of concern because they looked dirt poor.This was followed by a dumb girl who had unresolved fever who was brought in by her brother. As I sat in the out-patient,I was deeply touched to see the sort of patient the Lord had chosen to encourage me with. In my need to be affirmed the Lord had chosen to remind me why I was there.

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