Wednesday, April 23, 2014

...and so it all begins.

It is exactly three days since I started working here. Being a lone doctor amongst a staff of 40 in the hospital and another 60 in the field is nerve-wrecking.Everybody is watching,everybody is waiting. In the forty who are in the hospital almost twenty are support staffs. I wonder if it is the 'Big' ministry the Lord has kept at our doorstep. They have been in the hospital for more than twenty years.My assistant tells me she has seen the ED come in as a youngster,do his post-grad,and then now he is incharge of the organisation. I share tea with Meena bai,she is just too shy to sit with me and sits behind the curtain watching me .She does not forget to say,'thank you Dr jee'. Yesterday she suggested I use a pessary for a lady who had a grade 2 cystocoele and had a certain amount of discomfort due to it.She even ran all the way to the OT to get it. They are there everywhere,sitting around,chatting but they immediately get into an alert mode as soon as they see me,I wonder how long this will go on? Some days are eeriely quiet and some days are a handful.It is almost divinely timed to give me enough work and enough rest. I am still to shift into my quarter,the bungalow is what they call it but to me it looks like a very badly modelled big house with compartments.It needs a lot of work and I am not sure I am the one to do it. I have a feeling I will finish my life in Lakhnadon in the living room,knowing me. It is the room which seems to have enough space to allow me to breathe.Am I caustrophobic?,I wonder. In the meantime ,the medicine I am practising here continues to take me away from my comfort zone.I am yet to see the common medicine cases.I am doing everything but.... Clear my mind Lord of the clutter that pre-conceived, well intended advises seem to occupy ...and help me to listen to your most Holy spirit.After all we all are only human but you most High have your way of doing things.

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