Friday, May 16, 2014

Where have we lost the plot!

I have been in Madhya pradesh for barely a little less than a month.Looking at the spectra of patients who enter my out-patient I must say I am impressed. Seoni district is supposed to be the poorest district in the state.The first thing that I had to face as soon as I started working was predictably in the field of tuberculosis. Anti-tuberculous drugs were just not available over the counter.This was a dream we had been dreaming of all those days when I was working with the tuberculosis programme earlier in Jharkhand and later in HCH and had thought would never happen in India.There have been forums which have waxed eloquent in this but practically I thought it would never happen in India,but this state has done it.Even though grudgingly,I had to give kudos to the government here. However the flipside was when a patient of miliary tb presented to us and would not give a sputum and so apart from the CXR we really did not have anything to fall back on.The bystander had to make the rounds of the government hospital thrice in the next three days before a decision could be made about whether anti-TB drugs could be procurred for her.At the end I had to refer the patient to Jabalpur medical college. Quietly ,ethically people are trying to do their best and that is the India I have secretly admired and often shared about with some of my colleagues. We,the community we belong to and the community we profess to support ,leave a lot to be desired as far as practical aspect of things are concerned. We need to do a good soul searching,whenever we become irrelevant in any way. It means we are not where we are supposed to be. Like a senior often used to tell us and has left that indelible lesson with me,'the poor and the needy will come if you are pure hearted'. Isn't the whole humanity poor and needy? Didn't they come to Christ in droves? Do we need an integrity check? Where did we lose the plot?

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