Thursday, May 15, 2014

You turned my wailing into dancing…Psalm 30:11.

Sumitra was thirty five ,gave a history of being four month’s pregnant, came wailing into the casualty with a back pain.She was pointing to her spine ,was more than hundred kilograms in weight. Her husband ,a handicapped person was emphathetic enough while the rest of the family watched the drama from a distance.She had a whole lot of complaints ,a lot of which could be attributed to depression. I was asking her the history and the staff was taking the FHS which could be heard clear and loud through a Doppler.I was talking to the husband and when we asked her for a history of discharge PV she said she had had it for the past two days. We decided to do a PV examination.Much to our chagrin ,she was fully dilated and the membrane was bulging.She had no USG with her but she and her husband were absolutely confident about the dates although her uterus looked almost term. We shared all the possibilities with them. We decided to induce labour with all the necessary warnings that should the baby be premature ,the baby would not survive.There was mourning in the facial expression of the husband whereas the wife seemed to be fatalistic by then. The lady was hypertensive,had swelling in the feet which could hardly be distinguished with the amount of fat she had on her. While we tried to encourage her on the labour table she was almost collapsing and would just not push. She refused to put in any effort at all. Considering the risks involved,we gave them the option of a caeserian section.They complied after a time of haggling and discussion. We operated on her and by the grace of God a healthy baby girl was born to Sumitra. Sumitra,who had been ostrasized by her siblings who had all married rich.Had no one on the maternal side to support her because she had lost a mother,father and a brother. She had been chucked out from her husband’s family’s house ,considered barren.After fifteen years into marriage and a hundred kgs later she had conceived only to have labour pains so early in pregnancy as per their calculation .There was pain,struggle and mourning all over and within that half an hour “the Lord made us partakers in her rejoicing”. Even as we thanked the Lord for his grace upon all of us in equal measures we were weeping with joy. Continue to pray fpr Suneeta,her husband ,the little baby girl who is yet to be named.

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