Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Growing pains.

At a blink of an eye years pass by .My little neice Anhaita was one year old when she used to jump up from any position when she heard any kind of music to do hip-hop.Guests who visited their house, which was most days, because they kept an open house,would be treated to a cute sight of mother and daughter dancing together.
This summer she turned sixteen .She gave me several shocks.Firstly,she sweetly broke it to her mother that she wanted to take up bio-science and pursue medicine for her carreer,secondly she actually scored very well in her tenth and last but not the least she frightened everyone by travelling all alone from Siliguri to New Delhi by train alone because her maid had a family emergency.She refused to have an air-ticket bought for her.
She has always been an extremely protected child thus far.
When I first heard the news that she wanted to become a doctor my first reaction was ,'Why a doctor?'I felt extremely heavy and I wondered to myself if she would be able to go through the rigours of medicine in the Indian education system.One does literally have to claw one's way through the competition and I wondered if she will be able to work so hard.Right from her childhood she has been exposed to all sort of elite professions,her father being an active part of our indian media both print and television.:At one time we thought she would get into cooking,another time nature.She is a fickler for information.whenever I need to buy a gadget I consult her.
When she got her results which was pretty good she did not seem satisfied.Her mother had a quirky explanation for it.She declared heartily that her daughter had done very well and she was very happy because she was a tribal.However Anhaita being a UP-ite from her father's side must be having the added Indian hang up of how her batch-mates had fared,had they done better than her etc ,etc.
All said and done the little girl is becomming a big girl and is making her own very strong decisions.We have our fingers crossed and we pray that all her choices will be blessed choices.

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