Sunday, June 28, 2015

His ways are God's way..Isn't it great though He's four days late He's always on time...

These last few days have been adventurous to say the least.The whole of last month I have all but killed myself working without counting the hours.By God's grace lot of patients have passed by our hospital healed physically,have heard the gospel and have gone home.We in the medical team have been stretching ourselves to the limit going much beyond our capabilities.I have done three vaginal hysterectomies in the recent past and so now hold the distinction of being the only doctor in the lakhnadon region who actually does it.I might also be the only physician doing it.The last one was tough,with a slightly bulky uterus and lots of adhesions.It teaches us to be extra resilant,never mind the long hours of surgery,uncertainity,lack of stamina...fear of complications...ask me how to pray through difficult situations ,,I am becoming an expert in it.
Last week brought along with it a lot of sadness as well.I lost a three year old child to snake-bite.
By the time she was brought to us she had been unconcious for about half and hour and her breathing stopped just as I entered the casualty.Intubate her we did.She responded initially,I put her on a ventilator and at seven in the morning not having slept the whole night because of calls,i asked one of the paramedics to keep watch by the ventilator and went for a wink of sleep.It was a sunday.When I happened to wake up by ten the child was in a deep coma,albeit her respiration supported but with no response whatsoever,I waited a day and half for some kind of response at the end of which I discussed with the relatives about having her head scanned.They took her to Jabalpur.The CT was normal and she had a mild spontaneous breathing but early hours of the next morning my junior called to say she had arrested.
The family was anticipating the death but I personally took it tough.That is when one realises we are human.We need time to heal and every incident takes it's toll on us.
In the meantime I connected to whatssapp,so am in touch with my college friends got to see the shape my apartment my brother is building for me is taking,connected with my friend Nithila.
Nithila introduced me to this lovely song by Karen Peck and Bill gaither's band-'four days late'.
It is a song about Lazarus' revival from dead by Jesus here ti is beautifully profound.
'HIS WAYS ARE GOD'S WAY...Isn't it great though He is four days late He is always on time'.

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