Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reading Nicholas Spark.

I never thouoght I would read Nicholas Spark.I thought it was too sloppy for my taste.However in the world of hundred and one paperbacks hitting the stand everyday ,I found myself picking it out from the bookshops.
I bought a read from the railway station.The bookseller pushed numerous paperbacks which I promptly rejected but held on to 'A walk to remember'.New York times had written a good review on it.
The book is glowing in it's altruistic intonation.The storyline revolves around a congressman's son and a bible carrying,straight-jacket preacher's daughter.The story is written from the boy's point of view and is a story about a growing love that ends albeit tragically but has  a bittersweet end to it.
'The best of me ' was another movie I saw written by Nicholas Spark.This is the fourth work of Nicholas Spark I have been through,the other two being 'The Notebook' which is supposed to be iconic and a movie ,I forget the name of ,but remember the story.It is about a reconcilliation between an estranged father ,his wife and kids even as the father suffers from a terminal illness.
I am frankly running out of books to read.I as always reflect as to why I am reading what I am reading.
In a world where everyone is making hundred and one choices which reflect in the way they present their art and every body gobbles it up without a second thought ,in these times of shifting values in the sands of time I guess these books echoe a part of us that wants to hold on to all that is good,all that is precious and all that matters in this confused world of ours .Perhaps my tears are for all that isn't , or for all that should be but it takes me very close to the times in my childhood when my mother used to tell us stories with biblical intonation and I used to shed 'big drops of tears 'even as I listened to her.

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