Thursday, July 30, 2015

The two men..

I felt a strange sense of pain in my heart when I heard about Yakub Menon's execution in Nagpur jail.I even wept.Just the other day  another man ,a great muslim died,I was at peace.
I wondered why?
There is a process of restoration ,a full circle  when circle of every being's life rounds up.
When president Abdul Kalam died there was an out-pouring of grief and response all over the net but there was certain amount of rounding up of his life -he had in the worldly sense lead a thoughtful life and had spent his life living intelligently ,there was a sense of having completed a journey well.
In Memon's case everything about the episode reeks of opening new festering wounds in the lives of so many more,his family for one I guess will never heal.
However did India have a choice ?I really do not know.I am not sure what the families of the victims of the 1993 bomb-blast feel .Do they have it in them to forgive,or have they moved on in life.
I wonder if a terrorist thinks about other people's families and the lives that are going to be lost when they plan out such events.
Looking at the trend that the world in general seems to be moving towards where people are killing others in the name of everything but a logical sense of brotherhood of men again I am not sure what to conclude.
India has always been an easy target for everyone because we are as a nation, a tolerant country.
With greatest apologies to all the people who are going to carry this pain in their hearts for a lifetime I realise India did not have much of a choice.
I wept for Menon and his family and loved ones but India cannot afford too many 1993's.
May we learn,may we heal,may we build ,and may we learn to love our country and our fellow brethren,may we learn to try and put on the other person's shoe ,I say try because it seldom is a perfect fit.

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